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Voice of Santa for 🎅

When audio imaging and FX company 4UD.IO couldn't get hold of the real Santa Claus for an urgent Christmas project, the helpful elves at the North Pole reccomended me as suitable substitute for the jolly fellow.

I'm always honoured to step-in and provide a voice over for Santa, and this was a great project to get stuck into!

4UD.IO were producing branded intros and artist drops for some of the biggest Christmas hits of all time. Including songs by Elton John, Mariah Carey and Wham!

And because no Christmas imagaing would be complete without some shoutouts from Santa, I stepped in to provide the all ho ho hos they needed.

You can hear how it all came together on the video sample above!

And, it's not just Santa I voice at this time of year. Gingerbread men, Elves, Reindeer, Jack Frost, Snowmen, there's no end to the fun you can have with festive voices and I just love to bring them all to life.

If you need a festive voice over drop me a message and let's make some Christmas magic!

To find out more about 4UD.IO's imaging packages for broadcasters, podcasters and content creators, visit their website. 4UD.IO.

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