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Voiceover for college & university 🎓

"We need a voice for our brand that teens and young adults can relate to."

It's a big problem! How do you market your product or institution to a younger audience effectively without sounding patronising or fake?

Remember, this is a generation that grew up with the internet, social media and smart tech, so they're switched on, tech savvy, marketing wise and can spot a fraud a mile away!

Choosing the right voice is vital. Too old and it just sounds like the corporate noise, too formal and it's boring, too energetic and it's silly, too young and it could come across fake or forced.

The balance is a voice that feels youthful and grown-up at the same time. A voice that young people feel that they can trust, and someone who relates not dictates.

Imagine a trendy youth worker and you're on the right track.

You're promoting your product, brand or school to people who are navigating through probably the most challenging and exciting time of their lives. So help guide them by using a voiceover that will inform and empower them to choose for themselves.

Your brand's reputation may depend on it!

If you're looking for a voice for your next youth-targeted campaign. Maybe for a college open day, university course or audio based learning material, I'd love to help!

Voiceovers for schools and colleges is something I'm regularly booked for. Not because I'm young or hip, (ha, I wish!) but because I have a voice that young people trust.

I'm told by my clients that my voice sounds youthful, relatable and authentic. All things that help to reach a younger audience in an effective way. I've led youth groups for many years too, which I think really helps me to get the tone just right.

Have a listen to some examples of my recent voiceovers for schools and colleges in the voicereel section on my website, here. And feel free to contact me for a free sample and quote.

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