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Voice of Follow The Star⭐

I've built up a fair amount of experience reading bedtime stories over the last 13 years.

My 3 children are to thank for that! 📚

So, I was extremely excited to put all that experience to further use recently, when asked to narrate 'Follow The Star', an advent countdown from the Church of England.

Audio producer for the COE, Rick Smith, was creating an audio advent calendar for children and families to enjoy on the lead up to Christmas. The sound fx and music were coming together nicely, but to give it a proper bedtime story feel he needed a narrator.

I was chosen as the voice for the project and worked with award-winning producer and great friend of mine, Rick Loynes, to record each day's bite-size story.

It was great to work on something that was close to my heart and something that I can enjoy with my family at Christmas too.

If you fancy a listen (even if it's nowhere near Christmas!) just say "ask the Church of England for a Christmas bedtime story” at your Smart Speaker of choice and I'll take you through the story of Advent one day at a time.

You can also listen in full here:

(Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Advent Bedtime Stories audio player)

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