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My 12 Voices of Christmas🎄

Christmas is just around the corner, and discounting cheese, there's nothing my studio mouse Sebastian loves more than Christmas music.

Unfortunately he has a tendency to get one song stuck in his tiny head for days on end...The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The other day he was reciting the song in his own mousy way, and for the two hundredth time that week, when just before I politely asked him to put a stocking in it, his joyful carolling gave me an idea! I don't have a partridge or a pear tree, but festive character voices...those I do have, and why keep them wrapped up until the 25th of December?

So without further imaginative waffle, here's my voiceover take on the 12 Days of Christmas.

I call it, Rich Jefferson's 12 Voices of Christmas. Enjoy! Ho, Ho, Ho 🎅

I'd love to bring your character creations to life, so If you'd like to use any of my voices for your next project, festive or not, get in touch via my contact form.

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